Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kannada's First

Kannada’s First  :

·        Kannada’s first poet Pampa.
·        Kannada’s   first author Shri vijaya.
·        Kannada’s  first dictionary Vastu dictionary.
·        Kannada’s first female poet Akkamahadevi.
·        Kanadda’s first book Kaviraja Marga.
·        Kanadda’s first theory book Vaddaradhane .
·        Kannada’s first prose author was Jedara dasimayya.
·        Kannada’s first ramashastri book K Madhana tilaka.
·        Kannada’s first astrology shastra book jataka tilaka.
·        Kannadas first essay addition was pullayana prabandhagalu.
·        Kannada’s first tourism story was Dakshina bharata yatra.
·        Kannada’s first rastra kavi was  M Govinda pai.
·        Kannada’s first drama was Mitra vinda govinda.
·        Kannada’s first rajamanetana was Kadamba.
·        Kannada’s first social drama was Iighapta hegade vivaha prahasana.
·        Kannada’s first kavya Aadi purana.
·        Kannada’s first drama hero Singaraya.
·         Kannada’s first kula purohitaru  Alur Venkataraya.
·        Kannada’s first shatpadiya brhama Ragavanka.
·        Kannada’s first principal was venkanayya T S
·        Kannada’s navya drama Yayaathi.
·        Kannada’s  first king Mayur Varma.
·         Kannada’s first chhandograntha  Chhandobuddi.
·        Kannada’s first addition was done by Mallikarjuna.
·        Kannada’s first jyanapeeta prashasti was won by Kuvempu.

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  1. What is the name of Kannada's first Vrutta Pattrike?

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    1. madam what you are trying to say madam i didn't under stood.
      what is ur comment.

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  4. Kannada first newspaper is Mangaluru samachar 1843........

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